Reduce Your Energy onsumption by 6 to 25% with KVAR

KVAR Distributor Opportunities


Interested in becoming a KVAR distributor? If you have one or more of the following qualifications listed below and are interested in providing energy saving services to home owners and/or businesses please contact us.

  1. Licensed Full-service electrical contractor with an established customer base.
  2. Electrical - Mechanical (HVAC) contractor with an established customer base
  3. Entrepreneurs with established sales infrastructure, able to operate with licensed electricians.

KVAR Energy Savings, Inc. (KVAR) has been in business since 1992 and has a long running reputation of
support and standing behind its product with great success stories. KVAR's authorized distributors are the
only distributors authorized to use the patented method and apparatus to determine the exact amount of
capacitance for what is needed in homes, businesses and individual motors.

Without KVAR's patented method, there is absolutely no reason why anyone should buy, sell or install a device
like the KVAR EC™ in their electrical system.

KVAR ECs™ are not one size fits all devices. Each of our units is properly sized and custom built to suit
consumers needs and to meet and exceed the National Electric Code (NEC). Also, 100% of the units sold in
America are built with pride and tested in our Daytona Beach, FL manufacturing plant.

As a KVAR Distributor, one not only has the opportunity to generate a profitable business, but also to become
part of the global “green” movement by decreasing electrical consumption and carbon footprints. We are seeking distributor relationships that are based on teamwork, fairness, sound business ethics and a ‘Win – Win’ proactive approach. Leverage our knowledge, skill, experience and purchasing power. Contact us today.

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